Wednesday, March 25, 2009

minor adjustment...

Apparently there was some confusion with the previous post:

There is just WAY too much basketball on at my house for my taste. That is all.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

it's madness, I tell you

You know, my sister used to brag about how happy she was that her husband is not into sports. I had forgotten that I was actually really, really jealous of that fact until this past week.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Are you a MOM?

What am I supposed to say when somebody I kinda know, who hasn't seen me forever, and who has NEVER bonded with me greets me like this...

'So are you back to work already, or do you still get to be a MOM?'...

....and says so in a completely intentional, self righteous, judgemental, holier than thou, disapproving way?

Since I don't know what I SHOULD have said, because deep down, and out on the surface for that matter, I am purely human, with little or no qualities that would classify me as better than any other human in ways relating to....whatever that is....I simply said...

'Yes, I'm ALREADY back at work, and have been for quite a while (because my baby is 2 months old, and I work in a commission only job, and last time I checked, people who have babies and work in commission only jobs, still have to pay their bills); and I'm pretty sure I am still a Mom, and have been the entire time. Even though I go to work.'

And, because I have obtained little or no demure and accepting behaviors in my short life, I am pretty sure I said it in a short, disdainful, snotty, curt, disrespectful way, and that I in no way allowed her a moment to apologize for what she quickly realized had just come out of her mouth. For after all, as I so rudely made clear, I had no idea that a working mother gave up her title of MOM the day she walked back out the door to provide for her family.

So, I guess we're even.

Tit for Tat.

I guess tomorrow, I work on tolerance.....glad it's tomorrow.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm so busy...blahdy blahdy blah...

There's a little something out there that I've been noticing lately. Since I took a little break from church that I like to call - 'The Holidays, 9 months pregnant, and the 2 month postpartum freebie,' I haven't been around 'the Mormons' a lot lately. (I call us all 'The Mormons' in reference to our cultural quirks).

So, now that I've been spending a little more time around 'the Mormons,' I've noticed this very strange phenomenon - all of these Women have a tenacious, ferocious, overpowering, and obnoxious way of making sure that everybody else knows 'How Busy' they are. I write it in quotations because I want you to picture me saying it while making the quotation hand gesture, because I have a really hard time swallowing this CLAIM everytime some Molly trys to bombard me with her 'Busy-ness.'

I think it's hilarious.

I also think it's completely ridiculous that women today have become so insecure with whatever it is that consumes their time, that they have begun this world wide competition over who does more, and who does what, and who can accomplish the most, and who can BE everything to EVERYONE. It's ludacris.

And, for that matter, when I hear what they are busy with I get really confused. Girls lunch, play dates, Girls night out, family parties, book clubs, gazillions of kids classes (karate, soccer, dance, gymnastics, piano, swimming - you name it, their kids do ALL OF IT), crocheting parties, SCENTSY parties, bow making parties, shopping excursions, photography groups, marathon training, exercising, meal freezing parties, house cleaning parties, local friends, old friends, MOM friends, SINGLE friends, Church friends, Non-member Friends....aren't all of these things OPTIONAL?

It's REALLY hard for me to sypathize with you, when you are choosing to bring all of thes 'obligations' on yourself. By the way.....they all sound like FUN to me, and it's hard for me to feel bad for you because your life is SO filled up with BUSY FUN, which doesn't really count as BUSY, just so you know. It's called partying ALL THE TIME.

I think you guys are lametards, and I'm bored with listening to why you are so busy, and how completely swamped you are with things that are totally FUN and you act like it's such a WORKLOAD. Just say no, and spare me the monologue about whatever it is that is filling up your time (actually, your ego with pride) - because I don't care. I am bored with you. I think you should just admit that you get to have a lot of fun, and stop acting like it's work, and you are so so so busy all the time. YOU ARE HAVING FUN.

The rest of us are working. Work is when you spend time doing things to aquire money to pay your bills and support your family. Please don't think that I don't equivocate raising children with working, because I totally do - it's a job that supports a family....see, that's what I said above....but I never saw no Girls night out support no family.....see where I'm going with this? Same thing goes for scentsy parties, girls lunches, and pilates class. Those things are just for fun - so don't complain to me about it.

Just tell me how much fun it is. Thats better. Because, truth be told, I know you aren't busier than ME. And you don't want to go there.

hee hee

Tuesday, March 10, 2009






...and blame them for my lack of weight loss.

Monday, March 9, 2009

online shopping

It usually gets me while Im at work. 

Sitting at my desk, staring at the computer, hopelessly bored, not willing to search for something work-related to occupy my mind.

Its like I dont have complete control of my fingers, as in no time at all I am staring at where all your dreams come true!

To make myself feel better, I start my online shopping perusing the various categories of the Sale section.  Opened: window after window of 4-inch heels, fancy embellished flats, sparkly sandals, clearance boot cut Citizens and skinny Sevens, pretty floral tops (they are all the hype this Spring), fabulous dresses I could never wear, and even some workout paraphernalia (you know, because I just know Ill be better at working out if I have the right things to wear).

After Ive sifted through the windows that no longer have my sizes available, I start really having fun.  J  Here is where I look at all of the things I could never afford (because thats healthier, right?   then its not like Ill actually buy them).  The Jimmy Choos, Moschinos, and Salvatore Ferragamos, Nanette Lepore dresses, Valentino everything, L.A.M.B. everything (Gwen Stefani knows some shit, Ill tell you what).  So many pretty things!

Now Ive substantially depressed myself.  Absolutely nothing in my overflowing closet is soft enough, luxurious enough, trendy enough, or pretty enough.  Even the windows from my previous searching lack in every way in comparison to this high class shopping.

Alas, I know I paid off X number of dollars on my card last month (which may or may not have been over its limit already), so that leaves X amount available again!

Hell.  Why not get those 5-inch Jessica Simpson shoes?  I know my husband likes the similar ones I have already, so its not like hell be mad at me.  I would never buy three- and four-hundred dollar shoes!  Those are just fun to look at.

Gossip Girl is not ruining my perspective on fashion, sense of cost, and overall morale and priorities.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Feelin' Good.

The other day I almost french-kissed some woman at Ikea, who told me I looked good in my jeans. I guess I really like compliments.