Sunday, June 6, 2010

baby Shade

I'm all for layering... But it really gets to me when I see moms requiring their little girls (translation: toddlers, 5-year-olds, infants, etc. ETC.!!!) to wear a t-shirt under their tank tops throughout the week and cute little sundresses at church.


You're really that concerned about your daughter's self-image already? So maybe you're worried about the creepy next-door neighbor (of which I have a few, myself)... But come on.

I honestly don't think her shoulders need to be covered every day when it's 85+ degrees outside.

If I weren't covering my own shoulders for a particular reason, you can bet I'd be relishing in that freedom.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Brining over Dinner

I'm trying not to feel bad about this.....but....
I am REALLY, REALLY happy that my Relief Society brings me dinners when I'm sick, and post op, and you know....that kind of stuff.
It's awesome, and the women in my ward can really cook- some yummy, yummy stuff. AND, they EVEN bring dessert :)
I want to give back....but I'm starting to think they KNOW they have better options??? Crap.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stop yourself....

When you feel like you want to:

Complain about how fat you are when you're a size 4- STOP YOURSELF

Blog about Blogging, and your private/non private status: STOP YOURSELF

Complain about your creditors on Facebook: STOP YOURSELF

Wear anything with CARGO in the description: STOP YOURSELF

Send your kids to a modeling agency: STOP YOURSELF

Re-gift someone: STOP YOURSELF

Blog your testimony: STOP YOURSELF!!!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Target and Vagina: the makings of a great story

Meet my favorite "Mommy Blogger" and brilliant writer Rebecca Wolf.
Now please follow the link if you are prepared to hear the best Vagina/Target story ever.
Left me in tears and giggling for hours.
The post is called "Blogging Out Loud"
Props Rebecca, props.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I peed MORE than "a little" today during my workout. Damned jumping jacks and childbirth.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Igot to church about 8 minutes late today. I decided that it would be RUDE to enter the room, and that it would probably be more polite for me to sit on the nice comfy sofa in the foyer....

WE had a recently returned missionary speak, and then a high councilman.....who sounded EXACTLY like WREN!!!

I couldn't pay attention (what's new) because I was thinking about the awesome scene with the city council where Wren cites scriptures from the Bible.....

THERE IS a time to DANCE.

I love Church.
And, there's no high school musical like THIS high school musical...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The 'Spiritual' voice

I can remember being a little kid and getting screamed at for stuff. Stuff that was certifiably scream-able. I don't blame my Mom for screaming, and I actually think it was good to see her get mad every now and then. Otherwise Mom's would just be pushovers, right? You gotta know where the line is. I can also remember how flawlessly that voice would go from horrifying to pleasantly humble in a matter of milliseconds when the phone rang, or some poor soul would come to the door. It's a transformation I've been trying to master, but so far I've failed miserably. I've noticed that if I have just spent the last ten minutes in fury at my family, that I am equally unpleasant if I answer the door or phone. I'm basically just pure in emotion all the time, and you get what I am- no smoke, no mirrors. I've started to think that maybe there's more behind a voice that I thought. Maybe it's the nice-voiced people that are really the dangerous ones.

I have started to notice that there are lots of difference kinds of voices. The worst of those being the ones that have adapted from a regular speaking voice into the 'Spiritual' voice. Everybody knows at least one. Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a bad dream surrounded by inhuman smile-painted-on women. WAKE ME UP!!! Seriously though.

Without going into too much detail- I know this girl. She and I have MANY differences. One BLATANTLY obvious one is that I have a regular voice, and everything she says comes out oozing in sweetness, softness, and is irritatingly sing-song-y. So, why.....WHY, when she is clearly a very nice person, does she irritate me so badly?

Because. Her 'SPIRITUAL' voice does not hide the fact that she is clearly a self-righteous, judging, snotty pants. Just because you say it NICELY doesn't mean that what your saying isn't totally LAME!!! And guess what, it doesn't matter how sweet you pretend to be on the outside, and how quiet and nice you squeak out words- the truth is, there are good people in the world that talk normally, and don't wear bows in their hair (in their 20's!!).

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm sick of this double standard. I'm done with the 'SPIRITUALLY' voice-ed people getting away with being jerks and saying totally rude things all the time, and never taking the responsibility for it just because they said it softly, and with insincere concern. I'd rather have somebody bluntly tell me whatever needs to be said in a regular voice.