Sunday, June 6, 2010

baby Shade

I'm all for layering... But it really gets to me when I see moms requiring their little girls (translation: toddlers, 5-year-olds, infants, etc. ETC.!!!) to wear a t-shirt under their tank tops throughout the week and cute little sundresses at church.


You're really that concerned about your daughter's self-image already? So maybe you're worried about the creepy next-door neighbor (of which I have a few, myself)... But come on.

I honestly don't think her shoulders need to be covered every day when it's 85+ degrees outside.

If I weren't covering my own shoulders for a particular reason, you can bet I'd be relishing in that freedom.


Kelly and Jill Burk said...

I soooooo agree with you! Did you know there is shade for bathing suits as well?! And not only is it for little girls but for LDS woman. I thought I would never see one and then my SIL wore one and I about puked. Sorry, didn't mean to go off. But isn't that why there are one piece suits and tankini's? Come on people get a grip we don't live in the 1920's and I am not asking you to go around topless either. :0D

Johnsons Part Deux said...

I posted a full fledged "coming out" post about not being a Molly. Hope you get a chance to read it (if you can view my blog). I have a feeling you'll enjoy!

Danielle said...

Leave us a link to your blog :)

The Bollinger Family said...

My daughter wears sleeveless dresses almost every week to church. I get a few "looks" but I don't care. She looks cute. And geez! She is two so if someone thinks she is immodest I think THEY have a problem. lol